Community Builders
of Freedom

About Katlin & Eric

Katlin and Eric are a loving, caring couple, fighting for humanity and freedom. Eric served in the United States Army for 12 years as a Special Operation Medic and deployed twice to Iraq. Katlin is a former social worker. Currently, they own a personal training studio together called Love and Muscles in Maine. Katlin and Eric got started in the Freedom movement back in January of 2021, when they joined a local group in Maine. Katlin and Eric were so inspired by their local Maine group, when they traveled to Colorado for Eric to receive some medical treatment, they started a group in Boulder. They saw a tremendous need for these groups all over the country. 

Together, Katlin and Eric have been traveling across the United States, helping communities get established. The main focuses of these communities are medical/civil freedoms and unity. This past year has been extremely challenging for everyone. Eric and Katlin have found that these newly formed communities have brought healing and growth to all. People are able to gather, hug, and see each other’s faces again!

To make their mission a reality, Katlin and Eric now train all their clients virtually. They put all their belongings in storage and purchased a camper to travel the country to help/inspire other communities to get started. They are asking for your contributions to help them on their mission to unite the country around medical/civil freedoms and community. Your donations will go towards Katlin and Eric’s travel costs during this trip. They are doing all of this work on a volunteer basis because they believe so strongly in this mission. Any donation, no matter the size is greatly appreciated. They have tremendous gratitude for every person that supports this cause!

“Many of us have felt alone, and disowned from the rest of society for our views about our bodies and medical freedoms. There is a dark agenda happening here, and it has been in the works for many years. The current systems are failing us and we must create new ones to catch us as the old systems fall. No one is going to save us, except for us! Now is the time to take a stand, and fight for our freedoms and the generations to come. We are so grateful to be in a place in our lives where we can drop what we are doing and fight for the light!”

– Katlin

“Carry your truth with conviction. Let your light shine for others to see. Inspire others to take a stand.”

– Eric

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create local communities throughout the country based on medical and civil freedoms. Our hope is to bring people together around the unprecedented times we are in, in relation to medical/civil freedoms. By creating local groups, we start from the ground up, building a new world. As each city and town throughout the country creates their own local communities, a national network of people are ready to take a stand, and build the new world. All are welcome here; this is a non-partisan community.

Statement of Purpose

We are an organization called Community Builders of Freedom. Our purpose is to bring together all of the health freedom groups in the country to form a national presence. Our focus is on local communities getting together to heal, build, and grow. The communities’ main focuses are medical and civil freedoms and unity. We are a non-partisan group. The only requirements for membership are a vision of a better world and a willingness to stand for freedom.

What We Do

We travel across the U.S. to communities that need help setting up. We offer assistance with organization, structure, leadership and connecting groups with national legal assistance. We attend local meetings and offer advice and inspiration. We teach others how to step into courage and take a stand against tyranny. We also offer assistance in collaborating with other groups in the state to create alliances. Lastly, we offer weekly Zoom calls and resources to teach others how to start communities and become leaders.

Get Involved!

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Need an exemption? Download this list of Religious & Medical Exemption Resources.

Have Questions For Us?

Please send any questions to our email: communitybuildersoffreedom@protonmail.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible! Please reference the map below if you are wondering where the closest meeting/group is to you.

Already Hosting a Group?

Please send us a message if you are currently hosting a meeting/group that aligns with our
mission. Include your name, ways you wish to be contacted (Signal, Telegram, email, phone
number, text etc.), day/time of your meeting/group, and any other important info for new members to know about your group. We will get you added to the map as soon as we can!

Find Groups

Below is a map of groups that we have personally spoken with that align with our mission. The contact for each group will appear when you click the location of the community you wish to join. From there, you can reach out to the community contact to find out more information!